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Want engaged, loyal customers?

NikoHapa can help Build Your Loyalty Program Now

  • Reward Loyalty

    80% of your business comes from 20% of your loyal customers. Give them another excuse to come back.

    Nikohapa turns new customers into loyal ones.

  • Get Feedback

    Ask questions, get feedback, recommendations and reviews

    Never let a customer vote you out by their feet. Feedback is key to retaining current customers, adding value and maximizing profits.

  • Know Your Market

    Analytics tell you who your customers are, when they come, and what else they like

    Keen insight into trends in customer foot traffic allows you to plan proactively and execute better than your competition.

  • Reach Your Customers

    Targeted, relevant messaging platform to access the customers that matter most, on demand

    For example, you can message your most loyal customers - those who checked in 10 times in the past month - for the sweetest discounts. They will love you for it.

  • Generate Online Buzz

    Leverage the existing network of your customers

    With over 1 million Kenyans on facebook, checkins that show on facebook creates great advertising for your business. You also immediately get a page on that shows your promotions, location and your customer’s feedback.

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Setting up NikoHapa at your business takes 3 minutes!

Build Your Loyalty Program Now